Protection Racket’s Universal Compact Hardware Case

All you gigging drummers with gold-plated hi-hat stands paying attention? Protection Racket has got a hardware case to sell you for $84.99. Here’s the press release:

All musicians need to protect their instruments, stands and gear. Whether it’s a highly prized custom built drum kit or a microphone stand, up to now, the choice of hardware bags has been limited to bulky, heavy duty bags designed to carry serious weight and accommodate multiple stands.
Protection racket has a reputation for talking and listening to musicians and has been inundated with requests to produce a lightweight, slim line, hardware case. They can now announce the launch of their new universal compact hardware case (product code 5031) where only a small number of stands need to be carried, protected and stored.

The new case is ideal for microphone stands (notorious for having plastic clips which can break) or that gold-plated hi-hat stand which can be now be carried individually or a couple of light weight boom stands. It offers protection to that special piece of hardware you wanna keep safe and snug. At 42” long the case will accommodate the vast majority of stands and has two internal straps to ensure they won’t move around in transit.

Built to Protection Rackets top specifications, the case has a fully adjustable shoulder strap, an abrasive resistant base and features the new 2 piece self gripping ergo handle. It is also lined with extra hardwearing Racketex for long life protection.

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