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  • Limited-Edition Iron Cobras From Tama

    They might have been inspired by a Pollock or perhaps just a 3-year-old’s art project, but whatever the case, Tama’s new limited-edition Iron Cobras will get your feet feeling super psychedelic. Street price is $350 for the single pedal and $750 for the double.

  • Free Bass Drum Pedal From Shine Drums

    All you have to do to get a free Foundation series pedal from Shine is throw down the cash for one of the company’s Select Custom or Definition series kits. The stomper retails for $288 and features these goodies:

    • dual-chain drive system
    • cast construction and assembly
    • dual spike-style floor spurs
    • fully adjustable tension and swing settings
    • full underplate design
    • 3-way “whiskey barrel” beater system
    • complete customization capabilities
    • on-board wrenches and tools

  • Dixon’s Double Pedal for Lefties

    [Press Release]

    Dixon is proud to offer left-handed players a new heavy-duty double bass drum pedal for 2009. Dixon’s sturdy 911DB-L bass drum pedal includes a dual-surface beater, easy-access bass drum clamp, and a double chain cam drive system. Other noteworthy features include a beater angle adjustment and an aluminum center u-joint housing with two adjustment points. Stabilizer platforms on the main and slave side pedals include built in spurs. The pedal retails for $349.99.

  • Yamaha Drums Introduces More Hardware

    [Press Release]

    Yamaha Drums introduces a rugged, functional, and flexible lineup of hardware at Winter NAMM 2009, including the 800 series, the 900 series, and the 1200 series.

    New additions to the 800 hardware series include cymbal stands (CS-850 and CS-865), a snare stand (SS-850) and a hi-hat stand (HS-850). Cymbal stands incorporate several design changes, including a toothless cymbal tilter for minute angle adjustment, a new boom tilter with a hinged clamp for a more secure hold, and plastic caps placed in the vertical tubes to prevent rattling. Pure zinc castings at all stress points provide added strength.

    “The new toothless tilter has been road-tested by many of our artists and they have been raving about it,” says Dave Jewell, marketing manager for Yamaha Drums, “and I think it will also be a big hit with consumers. Even a small detail, like caps on the vertical tubes, illustrates our commitment to making the very best hardware on the market.”

    The HS-850 hi-hat stand (pictured below) features an improved spring tension adjustment that makes it easy for drummers to find their preferred settings when changing hi-hat cymbals. The sturdy clutch stays closed, even for heavy hitters.

    The 900 series has been streamlined to a single cymbal stand model. The CS-965 retains the 900-series tripod base and incorporates the new toothless cymbal tilter and boom tilter clamp. The CSBW extra-long accessory boom is fitted with Yamaha’s toothless tilter and a heavy counter weight to keep them stable and sturdy even during the biggest cymbal crashes.

    “The CS-965 streamlines our 900 series and gives extreme drummers a versatile stand to meet their needs,” says Jim Haler, product manager for Yamaha Drums. “This stand is perfect for hard-hitters or those who place their cymbals high off the ground.”

    The SS-950 snare stand features a ball-and-socket adjuster that lets players position the drum at the perfect angle for their style—a great feature for drummers who appreciate the ability to fine tune their kit’s setup. The basket height can also be adjusted to accommodate deeper snare drums. Built-in spikes in the feet ensure stability.

    New hi-hat stands include the HS-1200, a straight-pull, three-leg stand; the HS-1200D, a two-legged version of the 1200 model; and the toggle-link drive HS-1200T. The spring tension also features a numbered scale for easy reference, and all models ship with two upper pull rods of different lengths. The new locking clutch keeps cymbals solidly in place. “The 1200 series stands let every drummer pick the feel he or she wants,” says Jewell.

  • Tama Debuts Hydraulic Lift Thrones

    Good news for your butt: Tama has unveiled the company’s first foray into hydraulic thrones.

    Though gas-powered stools are nothing new in the drummingverse, the thrones in Tama’s new series, dubbed the 1st Chair Hydraulix line, feature seats that come off easily from the base for a fast pack-up. There are two flavors available: the HT750C Ergo-Rider comes with Tama’s ergonomically shaped bicycle seat. The HT650C Round-Rider (pictured below) boasts an all-new rounder-shaped seat with lower profile seams for completely unimpeded leg motion and a special air pocket in the bottom that helps reduce playing fatigue.

    The HT750C Ergo-Rider Hydraulix lists for $265.99, and the HT650C Round-Rider Hydraulix lists for $249.99.

    A small price to pay for a smooth ass ride, no?

  • New DW Hardware

    Here’s a quick peek at some new hardware DW unveiled at NAMM 2009. We don’t have any prices yet, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start slobbering right away. Pictures in order of appearance below:

    • 6000AX bass drum pedal
    • 8002B solid footboard double pedal
    • 8120 tractor throne (with optional backrest)
    • 8700 straight/boom cymbal stand (counterweight included)
    • 8799 triple cymbal/double tom stand

  • Mapex Introduces 700-Series Hardware

    [Press Release]

    Mapex USA announced the release of a new series of drum hardware. The new 700 series is a feature-rich line of chrome-plated hardware that is both light in weight and extremely durable. The series includes a bass drum pedal, double bass drum pedal, hi-hat stand, boom stand, straight cymbal stand, snare stand, and double tom stand.

    All 700-series models feature an improved, clamp-style memory lock design, ergonomically designed wing nuts, newly redesigned rubber feet, double braced legs, and multi-tiered tubular construction with molded slip-proof nylon inserts.

    The B700 boom stand and C700 cymbal stand are completely re-engineered with several new features. Mapex’s popular OS Cymbal Accentutors have been replaced with new Multi-Sustain Cymbals Felts that allow the player to use any combination of felt and plastic for a more precise level of cymbal sustain. In addition, a new Super-Glide stepless cymbal tilter allows unlimited positioning and the new Acculock Tilter handle holds the system tight and can be conveniently positioned out of the way.

    Mapex 700-series hardware will be shipped with Mapex’s new Meridian series Maple and Birch drum sets.
    MSRP for the B700 boom stand is $143.99, and the C700 straight stand is $145.99. The S700 snare stand is $116.99, the P700 double chain bass drum pedal is $167.99, and the P700TW double pedal is $541.99. The H700 hi-hat stand is priced at $183.99, and the TS700 double tom stand is $218.99.

    Like all Mapex hardware, the 700 series carries an unprecedented five-year warranty.

  • Win a Tama Iron Cobra

    Desperately need to own an Iron Cobra double pedal, but don’t have the cash? Just fill out the form here on Tama’s site, and you’re in the running for one of five pedal packs worth $579.

    And if you do manage to win one of them sumbitches, send us an unboxing photo or two.

  • Protection Racket’s Universal Compact Hardware Case

    All you gigging drummers with gold-plated hi-hat stands paying attention? Protection Racket has got a hardware case to sell you for $84.99. Here’s the press release:

    All musicians need to protect their instruments, stands and gear. Whether it’s a highly prized custom built drum kit or a microphone stand, up to now, the choice of hardware bags has been limited to bulky, heavy duty bags designed to carry serious weight and accommodate multiple stands.
    Protection racket has a reputation for talking and listening to musicians and has been inundated with requests to produce a lightweight, slim line, hardware case. They can now announce the launch of their new universal compact hardware case (product code 5031) where only a small number of stands need to be carried, protected and stored.

    The new case is ideal for microphone stands (notorious for having plastic clips which can break) or that gold-plated hi-hat stand which can be now be carried individually or a couple of light weight boom stands. It offers protection to that special piece of hardware you wanna keep safe and snug. At 42” long the case will accommodate the vast majority of stands and has two internal straps to ensure they won’t move around in transit.

    Built to Protection Rackets top specifications, the case has a fully adjustable shoulder strap, an abrasive resistant base and features the new 2 piece self gripping ergo handle. It is also lined with extra hardwearing Racketex for long life protection.