Sabian Introduces HHX Raw Bell Dry Ride Cymbal

[Press Release]

Responding to popular demand, Sabian has introduced the 21″ HHX Raw Bell Dry ride. The company’s Raw Bell Dry ride design is now available in all four primary Sabian series—the vintage-sounding AA and HH lines as well as the modern AAX and HHX lines. With its hot, simmering sound and innovative “Tone Projection” design, the HHX Raw Bell Dry ride offers consistently solid stick response and a loud bell, making this modern, dark-sounding model suitable for a full range of music—from jazz, latin, and blues to rock and beyond.

“Because it delivers consistently crisp stroke articulation wherever the drumstick lands, the Raw Bell Dry ride design is considered by many to offer the ultimate in performance versatility,” said Sabian product specialist Lorenzo Wright. “This HHX version has a large, unlathed bell and a surface heavily textured by jumbo-peen hammering. This HHX version has ‘Tone Projection,’ so its dark, simmering sound projects through the music around it. For a modern dark sound and great versatility, the Raw Bell Dry ride is the answer.”

Crafted from pure Sabian B20 bronze, the 21″ HHX Raw Bell Dry ride is quality-protected by Sabian’s two-year warranty.

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