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  • Buried Sabian Cymbals Available for Pre-Sale

    We gave you a heads-up about Sabian’s “One of 100″ cymbals way back in January, and now the time has come to pony up your cash. The heavily weathered Artisan rides are going for 800 bucks each, a pretty serious price tag to be sure, but one that also apparently gets you access to a Sabian factory tour in 2010….Assuming, of course, that Bill Zildjian hasn’t had the company liquidated by then.

    If you manage to snatch one of the dirty beauts, be sure to send us mucho cymbal porn.

    [Press Release]

    Today, Sabian announces pre-sale availability of the anticipated “One of 100″ cymbal collection. Buried in an undisclosed location near the Sabian cymbal factory in Meductic, eastern Canada, 100 cymbals are undergoing eight months of dry, wet, hot and cold soil conditioning, as part of the company’s “One of 100″ program.

    These buried Artisan Medium ride cymbals are the result of hundreds of annual queries from drum enthusiasts regarding the aging of cymbals by burying them in the ground. Sabian’s Peter Stairs, VP of Sales, notes: “Anecdotal comment indicates that aging the cymbals by burying them in soil actually helps shape their sound. We anticipate they will be dirtier looking, and if what the legend says is true, they may be dirtier sounding as well.”

    The cymbals in the “One of 100″ collection will be available to the first 100 eligible buyers who submit a purchase submission form on the Sabian Web site. Once dug up, the cymbals will be sonically approved by the Sabian Vault Team, then individually packaged in a deluxe wood box, complete with official documentation of authenticity signed by master product specialist Mark Love. Additional benefits for “Owners of The Hundred” include an invitation to visit the Sabian factory in 2010 to meet the founders of Sabian and tour the factory, early access to new product and printed information from Sabian, invitation to participate in a Sabian focus group and access to an exclusive “One of 100″ forum which includes direct access to Sabian product specialists.

    The purchase window for these cymbals opens at 9:00 a.m. A.S.T. on Thursday, March 5, and more details can be found here. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to charity.

  • New Vault Artisan Traditional Symphonic Cymbals From Sabian

    Finally. Band geeks have now got sweet, hot cymbals to fantasize about too.

    [Press Release]

    The first orchestral cymbals from Sabian to be included in its premium Vault Collection of cymbals and sounds see the innovative company flex its traditional craftsmanship roots and innovative design capability with the Artisan Traditional Symphonic pairing. Created in response to calls from top percussionists for cymbals that would equal or outperform those currently employed by some of the world’s leading orchestras, the Vault Artisan Traditional Symphonic pairings are crafted from pure Sabian B20 bronze, feature high-density hand hammering, and are available in sizes 16″ through 20″.

    “Percussionists from the famed Philadelphia Orchestra and Vienna Philharmonic were among those requesting Sabian replicate their current cymbals, the sounds of which have faded due to the wear and tear of years of use,” said Sabian director of education Nick Petrella. “They recognized Sabian’s world-leading ability to craft hand-hammered cymbals in the traditional style and worked with us to ensure our designs and the sounds they produced met or exceeded their performance criteria.”

    Vault Artisan Traditional Symphonic cymbals are individually hand crafted by master Sabian artisans. They are quality protected by Sabian’s two-year warranty.

  • New Hi-Hats Expand Sabian’s Artisan Vault Collection

    [Press Release]

    Following the recent introduction of 16″ and 18″ Artisan crashes to its Vault Collection, Sabian is pleased to debut Artisan hi-hats in 13″, 14″, and 15″ sizes. Consisting of a medium top and heavy bottom, these pairings feature high-density hand hammering with a touch of innovation to deliver a dry, dark, and complex traditional tone with a touch more character and great sticking response. The 14″ pairing delivers a combination of soft, warm sticking and pedal response; the 13″ set is tighter, more defined; and the 15″ produces a bigger, deeper, slushier sound that makes it ideal for players seeking a fatter, funkier sound.

    “Artisan Hats are traditional in every sense of the word, but we’ve enhanced their response with a touch of innovation,” said Sabian master product specialist Mark Love. “The result is—like the Artisan ride and crashes—a soft sticking feel and a response that is deep, dark, and funky, but with an edgy ‘bite.’ Funk, blues, jazz, and groove drummers in general will find these have great tone and feel.”

    Vault Artisan Hats consist of a medium top and heavy bottom. They are hand crafted from pure Sabian B20 bronze, available in a natural or brilliant finish, and quality-protected by Sabian’s two-year warranty.

  • New Crashes Expand Sabian’s Artisan Vault Collection

    [Press Release]

    Sabian has added a crash model to its Vault Artisan range of premium, professional cymbals. The Artisan crash, a thin/extra-thin model in 16″ and 18″ sizes, was designed in the Sabian Vault to produce a dark, traditional tone enhanced with the benefit of modern projection. Featuring high-density hand hammering by Sabian master artisans and a touch of innovation, the Artisan crash offers traditional tonal darkness and complexity.

    “Artisan crashes have been the single most requested Sabian model since the introduction of the Artisan ride,” noted Sabian product specialist David Williams. “The Artisan ride reminded drummers of the real value of traditional hand-hammered cymbal craftsmanship. As a result we had so many requests for similar hats and crashes that we researched early cymbal designs and then designed what we feel is a better traditional crash. This Artisan model has that soft, warm, deeply musical tone drummers have been asking for.”

    Hand crafted from Sabian B20 bronze, the Artisan crash features high-density hand hammering for maximum tonal complexity. This is augmented with jumbo-peen dimpling to increase tonal quality and projection. All Artisan models are quality-protected by Sabian’s two-year warranty.

  • Sabian Expands Its Clothing Line With a Gig Shirt

    Hey look, another drumming product with a logo.

    [Press Release]

    The Gig Shirt is a totally new shirt design for the Sabian range of SoftWear clothing. Designed to deliver high-tech performance for players onstage and off, this stylish design features a 2″ glossy gel-print Sabian logo in the center upper-chest position. Gig shirts are available exclusively in black, with a choice of black, gold, or red logo colors.

    Said Sabian senior marketing manager Wayne Blanchard: “With its slim, athletic design and moisture wicking anti-microbial micro-fiber fabric, the Sabian Gig Shirt is designed to perform better than the rest. It doesn’t shrink, it doesn’t wrinkle, it is fade-resistant, packs easily, and it looks great onstage and off. Because this is a high-quality shirt with a tasteful logo design, prototypes have proven exceptionally popular with virtually everyone. For players, especially those on tour, this shirt is the ideal wash ‘n’ wear choice. It’s a shirt you can live in!”

    Top players including Dave Weckl, Terry Bozzio, Seven Antonopoulos, Ray Luzier, and Jojo Mayer are already into the Gig Shirt.

    The Gig Shirt is slim-cut, so many wearers find the next size up from their norm to be the most suitable.

  • Sabian Introduces HHX Raw Bell Dry Ride Cymbal

    [Press Release]

    Responding to popular demand, Sabian has introduced the 21″ HHX Raw Bell Dry ride. The company’s Raw Bell Dry ride design is now available in all four primary Sabian series—the vintage-sounding AA and HH lines as well as the modern AAX and HHX lines. With its hot, simmering sound and innovative “Tone Projection” design, the HHX Raw Bell Dry ride offers consistently solid stick response and a loud bell, making this modern, dark-sounding model suitable for a full range of music—from jazz, latin, and blues to rock and beyond.

    “Because it delivers consistently crisp stroke articulation wherever the drumstick lands, the Raw Bell Dry ride design is considered by many to offer the ultimate in performance versatility,” said Sabian product specialist Lorenzo Wright. “This HHX version has a large, unlathed bell and a surface heavily textured by jumbo-peen hammering. This HHX version has ‘Tone Projection,’ so its dark, simmering sound projects through the music around it. For a modern dark sound and great versatility, the Raw Bell Dry ride is the answer.”

    Crafted from pure Sabian B20 bronze, the 21″ HHX Raw Bell Dry ride is quality-protected by Sabian’s two-year warranty.

  • Sabian’s APX Solid Hats Deliver Bigger Cut

    Sabian designed its APX line to slice through high-volume guitar antics, so it’s no surprise the Solid hi-hats are welcoming a larger and decidedly louder member to the family.

    [Press Release]

    The latest addition to the Sabian APX series of cymbals is the 15″ Solid Hat. Designed to deliver sheer and bright sounds to cut through the raging guitars and high-powered amps of today’s loudest rock bands, the heavier APX Solid models not only make it easier to be heard but also deliver penetrating volume and cut, taking less energy to play and giving players the freedom to focus on their performance instead of playing extra hard in an effort to be heard.

    “For sheer cut and power, APX Solid models are ideal because they deliver an extremely bright, tightly focused, and high-powered glassy sound that cuts through the loudest and heaviest bands,” said Sabian product specialist David Williams. “These 15″ Solid Hats deliver fast, crisp, and clear, so even the most complex strokes are heard through the music.”

    APX cymbals are crafted from uni-rolled bronze, which according to Williams “is the ideal metal for tonally, tight, bright and focused sounds.” Solid Hats are also available in 13″ and 14″ sizes. APX cymbals are quality protected by Sabian’s two-year warranty.

  • Sabian’s Alu Bell Gets Bigger

    We’re sure Alu Bells have plenty of uses, but the only drummers we ever really see play them in real life are bloody big brusiers with monstrous, club-like sticks. You know, those dudes who aren’t ever satisfied with the bell sound or volume on a regular old ride cymbal. It’s fitting, then, that Sabian has added a couple of inches to the new member of its Alu line. Bigger in this case is definitely better.

    [Press Release]

    The popularity of its 7″ and 9″ Alu Bells has prompted Sabian to introduce the larger 11″ size. Formed from lightweight aluminum, the Alu Bell offers drummers and percussionists a highly versatile percussion piece with a soft, bright, highly musical response and lingering sustain.

    “Along with the Chopper, the Alu Bell is small enough to fit anywhere in a drum or percussion setup, and because it has such a well balance of stick stroke and tone, it can be used to play rhythms or simply to add ambient accents,” commented Sabian cymbal specialist Kevin Lasky. “Its small size and light weight make it ideal for use with a cymbal stacker arm, which eliminates the need to purchase another cymbal stand.”

    Crafted from lightweight aluminum, the Alu Bell is quality protected by Sabian’s two-year warranty.

  • Sabian Expands AAX X-Plosion Series With a New Splash

    Ah, this was the one new Sabian cymbal I didn’t see at all during NAMM 2009. Was it hiding behind its big brothers? Did the booth bitches forget to bring it out? Was I just blinded by all the other shiny bangables to find it? I’ll likely never know the answer, but I shall henceforth consider this splash the little hottie that got away.

    [Press Release]

    The popularity of Sabian’s AAX X-Plosion crash has prompted the company to introduce the 11″ X-Plosion splash. This scaled-down version of the crash delivers extremely fast and punchy accents with all the crisp, shimmering clarity associated with AAX cymbals. Extra-thin and available in a Brilliant finish, this model—with its innovative AAX “Dynamic Focus” design ensuring it responds accurately at all volumes—offers drummers and percussionists of all styles a splash that can be played by hand or stick.

    “The AAX X-Plosion splash is like a small version of the X-Plosion crash; it’s got that quick, modern bright response and full attack that shoots out of the metal,” said Sabian cymbal specialist Kevin Lasky. “This is a splash that combines cut and punch for a full, faster and glassier splash.”

    The AAX X-Plosion splash is crafted from Sabian B20 bronze, and it is quality protected by Sabian’s two-year warranty.

  • Sabian Unveils Radia Nano Hats

    You don’t have to be Terry Bozzio to really dig Sabian’s new diminutive hi-hats. I got some surreptitious stick time with a pair at this year’s NAMM show, and they are unbelievably cute and charming and fun, especially if you enjoy playing live electronica. Our in-the-wild photos are below.

    [Press Release]

    The latest addition to the Sabian Vault Collection of cymbals and sounds is the Radia Nano Hats. Available in 7″ and 9″ pairings, Nano Hats consist of a medium-weight top and flat, heavy bottom. They are heavily hand hammered, combine alternating raw and etched surfaces on both sides of the two cymbals, and feature a raw bell, all of which adds up to a fast, punchy, definite sound. Their extremely tight and articulate response when played as a main hat ensures crisp clarity for even the fastest strokes and busiest patterns, while their small size and dry, crisp response makes them ideal for x-hat applications.

    “As the Nano Hats and the rest of my Radia cymbals confirm, Mark Love and the Sabian Vault Team have this incredible ability to design sound into metal,” noted Bozzio.

    “Vault Nano Hats are a great example of Terry Bozzio’s ongoing search for new and different sounds,” noted Sabian master product specialist Mark Love. “They are also another indication of Sabian’s desire to design and develop new cymbals and sounds so players have more meaningful options to choose from.”

    Handcrafted from Sabian B20 bronze, Nano Hats—as with all Vault Collection pieces—are quality protected by the Sabian two-year warranty.

  • New AAX X-Plosion Fast Crash From Sabian

    [Press Release]

    Responding to requests from R&B, funk, jazz, pop, and fusion drummers for a faster variation of its popular X-Plosion crash, Sabian has introduced the AAX X-Plosion Fast crash. Thinner, more responsive, and with a glassier, higher pitch ensuring extremely quick response and decay, this extra-thin model—available in 14″, 15″, 16″, 17″, 18″, and 19″ sizes—delivers a super-fast response. The bright, shimmering sound is so pure, clean, and concentrated that it blows through everything going on around it.

    “The AAX X-Plosion Fast crash is great for players wanting a big, explosive response with a faster, brighter sound,” said Sabian master product specialist Mark Love. “Its AAX ‘Dynamic Focus’ design means it responds accurately at all volume levels, so it’s fast, glassy, and extremely versatile with a bright, explosive attack, penetrating definition, and total presence.”

    Tony Royster Jr. (Jay-Z), Jim Riley (Rascal Flatts), Cora Coleman-Dunham (Prince), and Todd
    Sucherman (Styx, Brian Wilson) are among early adopters of the AAX X-Plosion Fast crash cymbals.
    The AAX X-Plosion Fast crash is crafted from Sabian B20 bronze and is quality protected by Sabian’s two-year warranty.

  • Sabian’s AAX Raw Bell Dry Ride

    [Press Release]

    The popularity of Sabian’s HH Raw Bell Dry Ride and recently released, brighter sounding AA version has prompted the company to introduce the innovative AAX Raw Bell concept into its AAX series. Design-wise, the 21″ AAX Raw Bell Dry Ride is medium-heavy weight and fully lathed with the exception of its large and solid raw bell. The cymbal surface is fully hammered from edge to center. The Raw Bell Dry Ride design is popular because it offers players a highly effective versatility at virtually any volume and in any style of music. Being an AAX series model, this cymbal includes Sabian’s innovative AAX “Dynamic Focus” design, which ensures optimum response at all volume levels, from low to loud, and a consistent purity of sound.

    “The Raw Bell Dry Ride design is possibly the single most versatile and effective ride cymbal ever designed,” said Sabian master product specialist Mark Love. “Not only does this AAX model deliver consistently bright and pure sounds, it is ideal for any player wanting the absolute best in terms of consistently pure and bright stick definition across the bow and bell areas, as well as a level of dynamic sensitivity that ensures crisp clarity and accuracy at all volumes.”

    Created from pure Sabian B20 bronze, the 21″ AAX Raw Bell Dry Ride is available in a natural finish or glossy brilliant finish and is quality-protected by Sabian’s two-year warranty.

  • New AAX Memphis Ride From Sabian

    I caught a quick demonstration of this model at the Sabian press conference on Thursday. The cymbal has both a good crash and a good ride sound. If you got room for only one cymbal on that tiny-ass Holiday Inn stage you’re stuck playing on every weekend, you wouldn’t go wrong grabbing a Memphis ride.

    From the press release:

    Combining dry, crisp stick articulation over a wash of glassy bright tone, the Memphis ride offers a range of versatility that makes it an ideal choice for drummers in search of a ride that does it all. Designed with a high profile and AAX hammering, the bottom of this 21″ medium-thin model is cut with narrow pin-lathing to enhance the feel and increase the crash response capability, while the top is line-lathed, resulting in clear stick definition.

    “The Memphis ride is a great combination of ride and crash without compromise,” said Sabian master product specialist Mark Love. “It’s ideal for many styles of music, with prototypes popular with gospel drummers and other soulful players. Aside from the design, the magic in this cymbal is its weight. The Memphis ride is just heavy enough to ensure it performs perfectly as a ride, a crash, and as a crash-ride.”

  • Sabian “One of 100″ Project Offers Exclusive Soil-Aged Cymbals

    Fuck off, Father Time. Instead of waiting decades to get a beautifully aged cymbal, you can just bury that baby in the ground. Or at least that’s what some of the mad-genius cymbalsmiths at Sabian are betting on.

    For a project titled “One of 100,” the company has buried 100 of its primo 21″ Vault Artisan ride cymbals in a specially designed container in eastern Canada. In mid-2009, they’ll be dug up, sonically approved by the Sabian Vault Team (keep in mind the cymbals will have been subjected to the cold, heat, and general misery of the Canadian climate), and then individually packaged in a deluxe wood box, complete with official documentation of authenticity signed by master product specialist Mark Love. Details on how to purchase one of the 100 cymbals will be announced on Sabian’s website in February.

    More info from the press release:

    In a move driven by market curiosity, Sabian has buried 100 of its premium Vault Artisan ride cymbals and will dig them up from the ground in mid-2009. Why? According to Sabian VP of sales Peter Stairs, the company receives hundreds of queries annually regarding the “aging of cymbals by burying them in the ground.” So the specialists in the Sabian Vault have buried the cymbals in an undisclosed spot near the Sabian factory in eastern Canada. The project is entitled “One of 100.”

    Continued Stairs: “Buried cymbals are the stuff of legend. Anecdotal comment indicates that aging the cymbals by burying them in soil actually helps shape their sound. Of course we are as curious as anyone to see what these cymbals sound like when they’re pulled up from the earth. These are custom-sized 21” Artisan medium ride models in a natural finish. They will have endured about eight months of dry, wet, hot, and cold soil including the freezing temperatures of our Canadian winter. We anticipate they will be dirtier looking, and if what the legend says it true, they should be dirtier sounding as well.”

    The cymbal of choice for “One of 100” is no accident, says Stairs. “The Artisan ride exemplifies Sabian cymbal-making artistry in that it is hand-hammered traditional-style, and its tone is darker and dirtier…quite earthy. It’s the ideal choice.”

  • Sabian Press Conference at NAMM 2009

    As soon as the doors opened on Thursday at NAMM 2009, Sabian kicked things off with an official press conference for us drumming journos. Along with announcing a spate of new cymbals and the very intriguing “One of 100” project, Sabian management talked about the struggling economy and how the company was prepared to tough it out. Founder Robert Zildjian even put in an appearance, acknowledging the layoffs that we reported on last month and finding for his company something of a silver lining in the current cash crunch: Sabian is set to survive the economic downturn, but many smaller cymbal manufacturers probably won’t.

    While that Darwinian attrition may be good news for established businesses, it doesn’t exactly leave me with the warm fuzzies. I like that there are (or at least that there were) opportunities for new and creative cymbal companies to put interesting or less expensive products on the market. I like choice. I like options. And I definitely like that the little guys can bust out with big innovations.

    But what do you think? Are there too many little companies causing “confusion in the cymbal market,” as Robert Zildjian implied, or are there not enough options out there for you? Do you play one of the big four—Zildjian, Sabian, Paiste, Meinl? Or do you prefer one of the smaller brands?