Sabian Unveils Radia Nano Hats

You don’t have to be Terry Bozzio to really dig Sabian’s new diminutive hi-hats. I got some surreptitious stick time with a pair at this year’s NAMM show, and they are unbelievably cute and charming and fun, especially if you enjoy playing live electronica. Our in-the-wild photos are below.

[Press Release]

The latest addition to the Sabian Vault Collection of cymbals and sounds is the Radia Nano Hats. Available in 7″ and 9″ pairings, Nano Hats consist of a medium-weight top and flat, heavy bottom. They are heavily hand hammered, combine alternating raw and etched surfaces on both sides of the two cymbals, and feature a raw bell, all of which adds up to a fast, punchy, definite sound. Their extremely tight and articulate response when played as a main hat ensures crisp clarity for even the fastest strokes and busiest patterns, while their small size and dry, crisp response makes them ideal for x-hat applications.

“As the Nano Hats and the rest of my Radia cymbals confirm, Mark Love and the Sabian Vault Team have this incredible ability to design sound into metal,” noted Bozzio.

“Vault Nano Hats are a great example of Terry Bozzio’s ongoing search for new and different sounds,” noted Sabian master product specialist Mark Love. “They are also another indication of Sabian’s desire to design and develop new cymbals and sounds so players have more meaningful options to choose from.”

Handcrafted from Sabian B20 bronze, Nano Hats—as with all Vault Collection pieces—are quality protected by the Sabian two-year warranty.

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