Travis Barker Sues Over Plane Crash

According to E!, Barker’s attorneys have filed a negligence lawsuit against both the owner and the manufacturer of the Learjet that crashed on September 19. The court documents claim that “one or more of the tires failed, leaving tire debris and portions of airplane components along the 8,600 foot runway.” The pilot is accused of making a “negligent attempt to abort the takeoff,” and a number of the plane’s parts and components are alleged to have been “not airworthy.”

We’ll keep you updated—Perry Mason like—as details unfold.

One response to “Travis Barker Sues Over Plane Crash”

  1. I actually had the pleasure of being a Flight Engineer on cargo airplanes during my tour in the US Air Force. I’m very knowledgeable about aviation and aircraft. This cracks me up that Barker is going to start slashing out and pulling lawsuits. I mean we all feel for the guy, it was truly a sad event. Instead of suing, why not count your blessings and why not be happy that:
    #1 – You’re still alive
    #2 – You’re rich enough to be floating around in a Private Jet
    #3 – You have fans following you everywhere
    #4 – You’re still alive and rich. You won’t have to work a day in your life.
    It’s sad that more than likely the NTSB hasn’t even concluded it’s investigation completely and there’s already lawsuit mud being slung around for an AIRPLANE accident.
    Did you know that it’s safer to fly on an airplane than it is driving your own car? The chances of someone crashing into you, or a mechanical failure that causes fatalities such as this are far less possible in an airplane than driving in rush hour traffic with everyone TEXTING on their cell phones going 85 mph in a 55 mph lane. You dig what I’m saying?
    I really feel for Travis, but c’mon….
    I’m really interested in hearing more about this.
    Peace from!

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