Yamaha Drums Introduces More Hardware

[Press Release]

Yamaha Drums introduces a rugged, functional, and flexible lineup of hardware at Winter NAMM 2009, including the 800 series, the 900 series, and the 1200 series.

New additions to the 800 hardware series include cymbal stands (CS-850 and CS-865), a snare stand (SS-850) and a hi-hat stand (HS-850). Cymbal stands incorporate several design changes, including a toothless cymbal tilter for minute angle adjustment, a new boom tilter with a hinged clamp for a more secure hold, and plastic caps placed in the vertical tubes to prevent rattling. Pure zinc castings at all stress points provide added strength.

“The new toothless tilter has been road-tested by many of our artists and they have been raving about it,” says Dave Jewell, marketing manager for Yamaha Drums, “and I think it will also be a big hit with consumers. Even a small detail, like caps on the vertical tubes, illustrates our commitment to making the very best hardware on the market.”

The HS-850 hi-hat stand (pictured below) features an improved spring tension adjustment that makes it easy for drummers to find their preferred settings when changing hi-hat cymbals. The sturdy clutch stays closed, even for heavy hitters.

The 900 series has been streamlined to a single cymbal stand model. The CS-965 retains the 900-series tripod base and incorporates the new toothless cymbal tilter and boom tilter clamp. The CSBW extra-long accessory boom is fitted with Yamaha’s toothless tilter and a heavy counter weight to keep them stable and sturdy even during the biggest cymbal crashes.

“The CS-965 streamlines our 900 series and gives extreme drummers a versatile stand to meet their needs,” says Jim Haler, product manager for Yamaha Drums. “This stand is perfect for hard-hitters or those who place their cymbals high off the ground.”

The SS-950 snare stand features a ball-and-socket adjuster that lets players position the drum at the perfect angle for their style—a great feature for drummers who appreciate the ability to fine tune their kit’s setup. The basket height can also be adjusted to accommodate deeper snare drums. Built-in spikes in the feet ensure stability.

New hi-hat stands include the HS-1200, a straight-pull, three-leg stand; the HS-1200D, a two-legged version of the 1200 model; and the toggle-link drive HS-1200T. The spring tension also features a numbered scale for easy reference, and all models ship with two upper pull rods of different lengths. The new locking clutch keeps cymbals solidly in place. “The 1200 series stands let every drummer pick the feel he or she wants,” says Jewell.

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