Mapex Introduces 700-Series Hardware

[Press Release]

Mapex USA announced the release of a new series of drum hardware. The new 700 series is a feature-rich line of chrome-plated hardware that is both light in weight and extremely durable. The series includes a bass drum pedal, double bass drum pedal, hi-hat stand, boom stand, straight cymbal stand, snare stand, and double tom stand.

All 700-series models feature an improved, clamp-style memory lock design, ergonomically designed wing nuts, newly redesigned rubber feet, double braced legs, and multi-tiered tubular construction with molded slip-proof nylon inserts.

The B700 boom stand and C700 cymbal stand are completely re-engineered with several new features. Mapex’s popular OS Cymbal Accentutors have been replaced with new Multi-Sustain Cymbals Felts that allow the player to use any combination of felt and plastic for a more precise level of cymbal sustain. In addition, a new Super-Glide stepless cymbal tilter allows unlimited positioning and the new Acculock Tilter handle holds the system tight and can be conveniently positioned out of the way.

Mapex 700-series hardware will be shipped with Mapex’s new Meridian series Maple and Birch drum sets.
MSRP for the B700 boom stand is $143.99, and the C700 straight stand is $145.99. The S700 snare stand is $116.99, the P700 double chain bass drum pedal is $167.99, and the P700TW double pedal is $541.99. The H700 hi-hat stand is priced at $183.99, and the TS700 double tom stand is $218.99.

Like all Mapex hardware, the 700 series carries an unprecedented five-year warranty.

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