Mapex Releases Black Panther Special-Edition Elm Snare Drum

Ah, you didn’t really think that Mapex was through releasing new gear, did you?

[Press Release]

Mapex USA introduced the Black Panther special-edition elm snare drum. The 14″ x 5.5″ uses a revolutionary shell construction to achieve its unique tonal qualities. At the heart of the drum is a 6.1mm maple shell with an exterior ply of exquisite hand-selected elm, finished in a high-gloss clear lacquer finish to accentuate its beautiful wood grain.

Additionally the drum is designed with a 3.4mm-thick walnut sound ring at the top and bottom edge of the shell. These sound rings add roundness and darkness to the sound of the drum. The result is a tone that is unmatched by any other drum on the market.

The special-edition elm snare comes with die cast hoops and a fully adjustable Black Panther throw-off. The drum’s hardware is plated in black chrome to give the instrument an even more dramatic appearance. The drum also features high-quality Remo Ambassador heads and a 20-strand snare.

Quantities of this snare drum will be limited. Like all Black Panther special-edition models, the drum comes with a durable, padded Black Panther deluxe carrying bag. MSRP for the special-edition elm snare (BPLM4550BXN) is $744.99.

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