New Crashes Expand Sabian’s Artisan Vault Collection

[Press Release]

Sabian has added a crash model to its Vault Artisan range of premium, professional cymbals. The Artisan crash, a thin/extra-thin model in 16″ and 18″ sizes, was designed in the Sabian Vault to produce a dark, traditional tone enhanced with the benefit of modern projection. Featuring high-density hand hammering by Sabian master artisans and a touch of innovation, the Artisan crash offers traditional tonal darkness and complexity.

“Artisan crashes have been the single most requested Sabian model since the introduction of the Artisan ride,” noted Sabian product specialist David Williams. “The Artisan ride reminded drummers of the real value of traditional hand-hammered cymbal craftsmanship. As a result we had so many requests for similar hats and crashes that we researched early cymbal designs and then designed what we feel is a better traditional crash. This Artisan model has that soft, warm, deeply musical tone drummers have been asking for.”

Hand crafted from Sabian B20 bronze, the Artisan crash features high-density hand hammering for maximum tonal complexity. This is augmented with jumbo-peen dimpling to increase tonal quality and projection. All Artisan models are quality-protected by Sabian’s two-year warranty.

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