New Vault Artisan Traditional Symphonic Cymbals From Sabian

Finally. Band geeks have now got sweet, hot cymbals to fantasize about too.

[Press Release]

The first orchestral cymbals from Sabian to be included in its premium Vault Collection of cymbals and sounds see the innovative company flex its traditional craftsmanship roots and innovative design capability with the Artisan Traditional Symphonic pairing. Created in response to calls from top percussionists for cymbals that would equal or outperform those currently employed by some of the world’s leading orchestras, the Vault Artisan Traditional Symphonic pairings are crafted from pure Sabian B20 bronze, feature high-density hand hammering, and are available in sizes 16″ through 20″.

“Percussionists from the famed Philadelphia Orchestra and Vienna Philharmonic were among those requesting Sabian replicate their current cymbals, the sounds of which have faded due to the wear and tear of years of use,” said Sabian director of education Nick Petrella. “They recognized Sabian’s world-leading ability to craft hand-hammered cymbals in the traditional style and worked with us to ensure our designs and the sounds they produced met or exceeded their performance criteria.”

Vault Artisan Traditional Symphonic cymbals are individually hand crafted by master Sabian artisans. They are quality protected by Sabian’s two-year warranty.

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