Sabian’s Family Squabble

A family feud between the brothers Zildjian actually created the cymbal company Sabian way back in 1981, and now it looks like another family feud could possibly tear it apart. Bill Zildjian, son of Sabian founder Robert Zildjian, has filed a lawsuit claiming that his father and brother have mismanaged, misdirected, and mishandled millions of dollars in company funds. Unable to sell his shares without dad’s approval, Bill is looking to be bought out by the family or to be paid dividends with interest. Another alternative, according to the lawsuit, is to

wind up, dissolve and liquidate the company and assets as a whole.

Yikes. Not surprisingly, the company has denied the allegations and has requested that the suit be dismissed. An official statement should be coming soon.

Lawsuits take eons, so there’s probably no need to run out and buy Meinl stock just yet. But if you got any cracked Sabians under warranty, you might just want to take care of those now.

2 responses to “Sabian’s Family Squabble”

  1. anthony Avatar

    I do not understand why this whole disaster is taking place? Bill is a good man and for the professional drummers I know and the time I have been in the business, Bill has done nothing but good things for us drummers. Working with family might be difficult sometimes, but as long as you’re honest and upfront, there should not be any problems that you cannot resolve. Bill is an honest man and does not deserve this type of treatment!

  2. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Anthony. I haven’t met Bill (or any of the Sabian siblings) myself, but when money, wounded pride, and hurt feelings are involved, even the best of folks tend to get a bit bonkers. We’re keeping all of our appendages crossed that everyone soon calms down and the company remains intact.

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