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  • Zildjian Is Turning 390 This Year

    That is a whole lot of candles for Zildjian to blow out. They’ll be so out of breath that we are just going to have to steal borrow (?) some of the new A-series cymbals getting released. I mean, it’s almost like it is our birthday. Thanks, Big Z.

    First up is the re-introduction of the 19” and 20” Thin Crashes and the 20” Medium Thin Crash. A brand-new and totally huge 23” Sweet Ride is coming to the A series too.

  • Bill Zildjian Wins Lawsuit Against Sabian Cymbals

    Bill Zildjian, son of Sabian founder Robert Zildjian, filed a lawsuit against his family and the cymbal company back in April, claiming that as a shareholder he was owed dividends. At the time, there was some talk that Sabian would be required to “wind up, dissolve and liquidate the company and assets as a whole” if necessary to pay up. That thankfully hasn’t come to pass, but a judge did recently rule against Sabian and award Bill $517,575 for dividends owed plus another $2,500 for court costs. No word yet on whether Sabian will appeal the judgment…or if Bill was invited over for Christmas dinner.

    Update: Bill Zildjian was also awarded five percent interest on the outstanding dividend payments, which amounts to another $200,000. Sabian is definitely appealing the ruling. The lawsuit will likely drag deep into next year and get much uglier because Bill is alleging that “his father Robert misuses company funds for personal expenses and that his brother Andy actively undermines his position and influence on the business. He also claims his father has ignored established business regulations and protocols so as to maintain complete control of Sabian Ltd.”

  • Zildjian Releases Two New Signature Sticks

    Two of our favorite drummers, the incomparably funky John Blackwell and the understatedly awesome Ronnie Vannucci, have released some new wood with Zildjian. Blackwell’s whacker is 100% hickory, measures in at 16 1/8″ long with a 0.57″ diameter, and features a beefy neck, short taper, and a wood barrel tip. Vannucci has opted for a 16″ maple stick with a diameter of 0.610″. It features an oversized barrel tip and some artwork sketched by Ronnie himself.

  • Chat Live With Tommy Igoe

    Tommy Igoe will be answering questions in Zildjian’s Z-Club chat section tomorrow night at 8 p.m. (EST). He’s toured with name acts like Lauryn Hill, Art Garfunkle, and Blood Sweat & Tears, but most of us know him from the video Groove Essentials, which got many a beginning basher off to the right start.

    …Beginning basher? Shit, we still suck at playing this Mozambique groove.

  • Zildjian Rezo Crash Video

    Boston Drum Center has posted a little clip of a 17″ Zildjian Rezo in action. Fast-forward to the 0:12 mark.

  • Zildjian K Custom Dry Complex II Rides

    Man, Zildjian is seriously busting out with the new gear lately. First Pitch Blacks, then Rezos, and now Dry Complex II rides in the K Custom line. They were designed in consultation with jazz guru Bill Stewart and feature a wider bell design with a lower profile that helps to control metallic overtones, hence the “dry” in the cymbals’ moniker. Three sizes are available: 20″, 22″, and a big old 24″.

    Check out the promo vid, again not capable of being embedded, here.

    [Update 2022: the promo vid is down of course, but we’ve embedded a demo vid from our fav cymbal-demo-channel, Memphis Drum Shop.]

  • Zildjian’s Pitch Black Promo Vid

    Today is the day that Zildjian officially unveils its Pitch Black line (even though pics and prices and actual purchasable product leaked weeks ago). The promo vid, irritatingly unembeddable, is available here on the Zildjian site and features Diecast drummer Dennis Pavia bashing the new cymbals.

    Surprisingly, they don’t seem completely horrible…but there ain’t no way we’re trading in our A Customs. Sound quality, after all, is still the new black.

    [Update 2022: the official promo video is no longer available, but there is a different version in French below as well as some other vid tidbits.]

  • Zildjian Rezo Crashes

    Not content to unveil only one much-talked-about line of cymbals (can you say Pitch Black?), Zildjian is showing off some sweet-looking new crashes called Rezos. They are part of the A Custom line and feature alternating bands of spiral and full lathing techniques in traditional and brilliant finishes. You can grab ’em up in six sizes: 15″, 16″, 17″, 18″, 19″, and 20″.

  • Zildjian Pitch Black Cymbals in France

    An online music store in France is displaying pics, prices, and descriptions of Zildjian’s Pitch Black cymbals. They are essentially coated ZHTs, and it looks like they’ll be heavily marketed to the young, up-and-coming bashers among us. For pics, scroll past our very rough (and possibly inaccurate) translation of the French promo text. If there are any native French speakers out there, let us know in the comments if we blew it bad.

    Pitch Black: “Black is black”! Change your vision of cymbals! The Pitch Black series has a formidable and explosive Rock sound that approaches perfection! These cymbals were designed by and for heavy hitters who need a huge sound! Based on the manufacturing process of the 12% bronze formula that is already used in the ZHT series, the Pitch Black line has an additional tin element that reinforces the cymbals’ character. That in particular makes it possible to add weight and width to these cymbals, which gives a profile to the Black Pitch that is perfect for metal heads! These cymbals are guaranteed 100% Rock’n’roll, 100% brilliant, 100% as you love them! Zildjian worked for months to find a process that makes it possible to keep the black coating of your cymbals intact, even after years. Eight models of common Rock sizes are available. Once again, Zildjian is confirmed as being THE mark of innovative cymbals for discriminating musicians.

  • Travis Barker Playing Zildjian Pitch Black Cymbals?

    This is a new video of Barker beating the hell out of the song “Dope Boys” by The Game. Cool enough. But what really got our sticks standing at attention were the cymbals: are those Zildjian’s new Pitch Blacks Travis is bashing? And if so, they sound much better than we had anticipated. Perhaps there will be a professional and a budget line….

  • Zildjian Pitch Black Cymbals (Part 2)

    This promo video in French doesn’t answer the main question we asked yesterday about Zildjian’s upcoming line of Pitch Black cymbals, but it does at least give a release date: July 14. Plus, it’s not completely boring to watch.

    [thanks to Ted for the tip!]

  • Zildjian Pitch Black Cymbals

    We just cracked open our July issue of DRUM! and got to wondering about what some folks at Pearl’s drummer forum have already been asking for days now: what the hell is up with Zildjian’s ad on the back cover? It’s solid black with the phrase “pitch black” in a very dark gray. Clearly, the big money is on Zildjian unveiling a series of black-coated cymbals, but the mystery is whether it will be a professional or budget line. Travis Barker recently appeared in Rhythm magazine with a set of black Zildjians…but that doesn’t necessarily mean the cymbals are designed for discriminating ears. Got any spy pics that will clear this up? Send ’em posthaste to

    [Updates: Zildjian Pitch Black Cymbals (Part 2), Travis Barker Playing Zildjian Pitch Black Cymbals?, Zildjian Pitch Black Cymbals in France]

  • Zildjian Sticks = Air Drumming Studliness

    Definitely the best customer review ever of Zildjian’s black 5B sticks:

    I know my kind isn’t very common, but I am a world-class air drummer. I have played air drums to the very best from Rush, Motley Crue, Led Zeppelin, you name it. None of the chicks I demonstrated my skills to were impressed however…that is until I picked up a set of Zildjian Black Hickory Drumsticks Nylon 5B.

    Anyway, so I persuaded this gal Beth to come to my place after a pizza (I splurged on some extra cheese, you KNOW that). I sat her down and implored her to check out my stick-whipping skills, and she watched as I nailed “Dr. Feelgood” to a TEE! All thanks to my Zildjian Black Hickories! (Nylon 5B)

    She told me she’d never seen anything like that, and I think she may go out with me again sometime soon. I could tell she was impressed by how speechless she was. So of course I bought a few more boxes in anticipation of the big second date (this may be why they’re out of stock), and I have been practicing the fills in “Black Dog” for the next time she comes over. Hey hey mama, said the way you move!

    Thank you Zildjian for helping me take air-drumming to the next level indeed! Highly recommended!

    Let me tell you, these are amazing for air drums. There’s something about black sticks, for one thing. When these logs are flying through the air as you mimic “YYZ”, for example, it’s absolutely hypnotic! They’re nice and light too…one of the biggest problems an air drummer can have is heavy sticks. Choking up on drumsticks really makes you look wimpy, and there can’t be anything wimpy about air drums.

  • Sabian’s Family Squabble

    A family feud between the brothers Zildjian actually created the cymbal company Sabian way back in 1981, and now it looks like another family feud could possibly tear it apart. Bill Zildjian, son of Sabian founder Robert Zildjian, has filed a lawsuit claiming that his father and brother have mismanaged, misdirected, and mishandled millions of dollars in company funds. Unable to sell his shares without dad’s approval, Bill is looking to be bought out by the family or to be paid dividends with interest. Another alternative, according to the lawsuit, is to

    wind up, dissolve and liquidate the company and assets as a whole.

    Yikes. Not surprisingly, the company has denied the allegations and has requested that the suit be dismissed. An official statement should be coming soon.

    Lawsuits take eons, so there’s probably no need to run out and buy Meinl stock just yet. But if you got any cracked Sabians under warranty, you might just want to take care of those now.

  • Dennis Chambers From Zildjian Day ‘94

    YouTube, we want to soulkiss you right on the bottom. Yep, we love you that much. And here’s why, some vintage Dennis Chambers posted just today.