Tommy Lee Makes Up With the Crue

Hey, let’s hear it for maturity. The latest lawsuit between the Crue guys has been resolved without the usual bout of fisticuffs.

Last year, three-quarters of the band brought a $20 million case against Tommy Lee, accusing our favorite sex-filmed drummer of focusing on his own career over that of the collective Crue (remember Tommy Lee Goes to College?). Now…it looks like all is forgiven. And though settlement terms have not yet been disclosed, there don’t appear to be any hard feelings.

The whole band is currently in the studio making a new album and, if this quote from Nikki Sixx is any indication, probably getting lots of complimentary blow jobs:

I fucking love this new Motley Crue album….Tommy’s kickin ass, Vince sounds insane and Mars is shredding on guitars. It doesn’t feel like one song is better or worse than any other.

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