Travis Barker Playing Zildjian Pitch Black Cymbals?

This is a new video of Barker beating the hell out of the song “Dope Boys” by The Game. Cool enough. But what really got our sticks standing at attention were the cymbals: are those Zildjian’s new Pitch Blacks Travis is bashing? And if so, they sound much better than we had anticipated. Perhaps there will be a professional and a budget line….

2 responses to “Travis Barker Playing Zildjian Pitch Black Cymbals?”

  1. Yeah, if TB is playing them, then they can’t be as bad as i’ve heard, or maybe there are two different lines, but if you listen and watch closely at certain points in the video, Travis is doing a tom fill and the snare is still being played, which means that video can’t be the actual recording.

  2. Well bare in mind that Barker’s kit is probably mic’ed up with $10,000 worth of gear & then mixed nicely. There is also a lot going on in this track (Not to mention the distortion almost on every bass drum & crash hit) so one can’t really determine the true sound of the cymbals. All that said I still think they sound pretty good… They are Zildjian after all. “The only serious choice” Right? 😉
    I just don’t think Travis barker using the Pitch Black cymbals is anything to be blown out of your seat about. He’s more than likely using them for looks. They match his black suede Remo’s after all!

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