Zildjian Pitch Black Cymbals (Part 2)

This promo video in French doesn’t answer the main question we asked yesterday about Zildjian’s upcoming line of Pitch Black cymbals, but it does at least give a release date: July 14. Plus, it’s not completely boring to watch.

[thanks to Ted for the tip!]

3 responses to “Zildjian Pitch Black Cymbals (Part 2)”

  1. Visually, I think I prefer the standard non-painted looking cymbals. Sound wise, I personally only like the K line by Zildjian. Of course, I haven’t played these and I’d be interested to see how they sell.

    I love my K custom hybrid hats. My inspiration for getting K’s was from many, but primarily Simone Pace of Blonde Redhead.

  2. Looks like Simone is playing Paiste’s Twenty series now. Check out the press release here.

  3. Paiste cymbals are great too. Good for him.

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