Zildjian Pitch Black Cymbals in France

An online music store in France is displaying pics, prices, and descriptions of Zildjian’s Pitch Black cymbals. They are essentially coated ZHTs, and it looks like they’ll be heavily marketed to the young, up-and-coming bashers among us. For pics, scroll past our very rough (and possibly inaccurate) translation of the French promo text. If there are any native French speakers out there, let us know in the comments if we blew it bad.

Pitch Black: “Black is black”! Change your vision of cymbals! The Pitch Black series has a formidable and explosive Rock sound that approaches perfection! These cymbals were designed by and for heavy hitters who need a huge sound! Based on the manufacturing process of the 12% bronze formula that is already used in the ZHT series, the Pitch Black line has an additional tin element that reinforces the cymbals’ character. That in particular makes it possible to add weight and width to these cymbals, which gives a profile to the Black Pitch that is perfect for metal heads! These cymbals are guaranteed 100% Rock’n’roll, 100% brilliant, 100% as you love them! Zildjian worked for months to find a process that makes it possible to keep the black coating of your cymbals intact, even after years. Eight models of common Rock sizes are available. Once again, Zildjian is confirmed as being THE mark of innovative cymbals for discriminating musicians.

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  1. hey!!!! i love the picture of your new cymbal!!! it rocks my drum talent ’cause i’m a teenage drummer……….

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