Zildjian Sticks = Air Drumming Studliness

Definitely the best customer review ever of Zildjian’s black 5B sticks:

I know my kind isn’t very common, but I am a world-class air drummer. I have played air drums to the very best from Rush, Motley Crue, Led Zeppelin, you name it. None of the chicks I demonstrated my skills to were impressed however…that is until I picked up a set of Zildjian Black Hickory Drumsticks Nylon 5B.

Anyway, so I persuaded this gal Beth to come to my place after a pizza (I splurged on some extra cheese, you KNOW that). I sat her down and implored her to check out my stick-whipping skills, and she watched as I nailed “Dr. Feelgood” to a TEE! All thanks to my Zildjian Black Hickories! (Nylon 5B)

She told me she’d never seen anything like that, and I think she may go out with me again sometime soon. I could tell she was impressed by how speechless she was. So of course I bought a few more boxes in anticipation of the big second date (this may be why they’re out of stock), and I have been practicing the fills in “Black Dog” for the next time she comes over. Hey hey mama, said the way you move!

Thank you Zildjian for helping me take air-drumming to the next level indeed! Highly recommended!

Let me tell you, these are amazing for air drums. There’s something about black sticks, for one thing. When these logs are flying through the air as you mimic “YYZ”, for example, it’s absolutely hypnotic! They’re nice and light too…one of the biggest problems an air drummer can have is heavy sticks. Choking up on drumsticks really makes you look wimpy, and there can’t be anything wimpy about air drums.

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  1. There is a new movie about the fine art of Air Drumming, or really about a crew of crazy people who try to use air drumming to save the world. Stars Michael McKean, Adrian Grenier, and others…. funny stuff.

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