Sabian’s AAX Raw Bell Dry Ride

[Press Release]

The popularity of Sabian’s HH Raw Bell Dry Ride and recently released, brighter sounding AA version has prompted the company to introduce the innovative AAX Raw Bell concept into its AAX series. Design-wise, the 21″ AAX Raw Bell Dry Ride is medium-heavy weight and fully lathed with the exception of its large and solid raw bell. The cymbal surface is fully hammered from edge to center. The Raw Bell Dry Ride design is popular because it offers players a highly effective versatility at virtually any volume and in any style of music. Being an AAX series model, this cymbal includes Sabian’s innovative AAX “Dynamic Focus” design, which ensures optimum response at all volume levels, from low to loud, and a consistent purity of sound.

“The Raw Bell Dry Ride design is possibly the single most versatile and effective ride cymbal ever designed,” said Sabian master product specialist Mark Love. “Not only does this AAX model deliver consistently bright and pure sounds, it is ideal for any player wanting the absolute best in terms of consistently pure and bright stick definition across the bow and bell areas, as well as a level of dynamic sensitivity that ensures crisp clarity and accuracy at all volumes.”

Created from pure Sabian B20 bronze, the 21″ AAX Raw Bell Dry Ride is available in a natural finish or glossy brilliant finish and is quality-protected by Sabian’s two-year warranty.

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