New AAX Memphis Ride From Sabian

I caught a quick demonstration of this model at the Sabian press conference on Thursday. The cymbal has both a good crash and a good ride sound. If you got room for only one cymbal on that tiny-ass Holiday Inn stage you’re stuck playing on every weekend, you wouldn’t go wrong grabbing a Memphis ride.

From the press release:

Combining dry, crisp stick articulation over a wash of glassy bright tone, the Memphis ride offers a range of versatility that makes it an ideal choice for drummers in search of a ride that does it all. Designed with a high profile and AAX hammering, the bottom of this 21″ medium-thin model is cut with narrow pin-lathing to enhance the feel and increase the crash response capability, while the top is line-lathed, resulting in clear stick definition.

“The Memphis ride is a great combination of ride and crash without compromise,” said Sabian master product specialist Mark Love. “It’s ideal for many styles of music, with prototypes popular with gospel drummers and other soulful players. Aside from the design, the magic in this cymbal is its weight. The Memphis ride is just heavy enough to ensure it performs perfectly as a ride, a crash, and as a crash-ride.”

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