Sabian’s APX Solid Hats Deliver Bigger Cut

Sabian designed its APX line to slice through high-volume guitar antics, so it’s no surprise the Solid hi-hats are welcoming a larger and decidedly louder member to the family.

[Press Release]

The latest addition to the Sabian APX series of cymbals is the 15″ Solid Hat. Designed to deliver sheer and bright sounds to cut through the raging guitars and high-powered amps of today’s loudest rock bands, the heavier APX Solid models not only make it easier to be heard but also deliver penetrating volume and cut, taking less energy to play and giving players the freedom to focus on their performance instead of playing extra hard in an effort to be heard.

“For sheer cut and power, APX Solid models are ideal because they deliver an extremely bright, tightly focused, and high-powered glassy sound that cuts through the loudest and heaviest bands,” said Sabian product specialist David Williams. “These 15″ Solid Hats deliver fast, crisp, and clear, so even the most complex strokes are heard through the music.”

APX cymbals are crafted from uni-rolled bronze, which according to Williams “is the ideal metal for tonally, tight, bright and focused sounds.” Solid Hats are also available in 13″ and 14″ sizes. APX cymbals are quality protected by Sabian’s two-year warranty.

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